Antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding

Our antimicrobial decorative pastel colour range of wall cladding is suitable for areas requiring a hygienic finish such as kitchens, wet areas and food manufacture that require a more decorative effect.


BioClad internal cladding is a very versatile system which can be easily installed in almost any building.


Wall Preparation

Walls should be level and flat. Remove high spots and fill low spots. Advanced adhesive can be applied to any solid wall or wall surface, eg plaster, gypsum, board, brick, poured concrete, concrete block etc. it can also be applied directly to tiled surfaces that are firmly fixed to the wall. All surfaces must be dry and clean.



A jigsaw is the best method of cutting the sheeting panels. A fine toothed hand saw can also be used to cut the panels.



Fully sealed joints are made using Advanced high impact PVC Silicone free gasket trim system which incorporates a co-extruded seal unique to Advanced. Joints can also be welded upon request.

Internal / external corners

Advanced PVC is normally thermoformed on site, so window and door reveals are neatly clad without an edge joint.



Panels are fixed using a fully bonded method with a trowel for advanced adhesive (or gun applied polymer adhesive subject to wall substrate).


Advanced Panel Adhesive

This provides a quick and simple method to fit hygienic PVC panels to most substrates. This polyurethane adhesive is applied to the back of the panels or onto substrate to give a solid all over bond.


The adhesive is easy to spread and should be applied with a notched trowel (see diagram). To ensure a 100% transfer of adhesive, apply firm, even pressure to the complete surface area when the panels are offered to the wall.


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K13 / 160 Sheet Linings / Panels

Typical applications

Food manufacturing areas, commercial kitchen, pharmaceutical areas, laboratories, showers, W.C.’s and wet hygienic areas.


Suitable Substrates

  • Good quality fair faced brick or blockwork.
  • Sand and cement rendering 1:3 with a steel trowel finish.
  • 12.5 mm thick plasterboard.
  • Ceramic tiles which are securely bonded to a substrate.
  • 9mm (minimum) W.P.B resin bonded to substrate.
  • Pink lightweight plasters are generally not suitable.


BioClad Pastels: Coloured PVC Wall Cladding (Antimicrobial)

  • Manufacturer: BioClad Ltd.
    • Product reference:Single Skin PVC Panel – BioClad Pastels®
  • Size(w x h ): [1220 x 2400 mm] [1220 x 3000 mm] [1220 x 3050 mm]
  • Thickness:[2.5 mm] Manufacturer’s Standard


Fire rating to CS 476-7:1971:

Class 1



Satin White, Blue, Green, Cream, Mint, Grey, Linen, Cesco, Seafoam, Fawn


Method of fixing:

Mechanically fixed using PVC Silicone free gasket system and Advanced all over adhesive.



Preformed and on site thermoformed angle sections internal/external corners, UPVC cill details, joints and edge trims. As specifies BS “food safe” complying with EEC regulations for hygiene in production areas. Directive No 64/483 and the requirement as outlined in statutory instrument 454 and 805 (food hygiene).

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